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Band of Brothers is the Rhema Mens Ministry Department. As a Band of Brothers our primary focus is to build strong relationships  focusing on the core needs of a man, in a practical and authentic way. We desire men to have an encounter with God by facilitating various programs that men can get involved in and contribute towards.

Our Vision
Band of Brothers submits and subscribes to the greater ministry vision of Rhema Church and is aligned to the church model and discipleship process. We Believe that by getting our men of all ages holistically healthy, we then have a healthy home, a healthy church and then a healthy community. We would like to achieve this by the following programs offered,

Our Programs
Brothers of Impact  “Saturday Mens meetings “
Brother to Brother  “Small Group Training & Development”
Brothers in Action   “Social Upliftment Programs “
Brothers in Sports   “Specialised Sport Programs”
Brothers in Arms     “Mentoring and Development Programs”

For Info on the above meetings please check the printed Rhema News booklet, or visit this website regularly to see updates on what is happening.

We also run on a yearly basis a Father and Child sleepover at Rhema Church and a Mens Camp.

Men you are most welcome to contact us for more info on “Band of Brothers”

Contact Details

Phone: +27 11 796 4189 | +27 82 879 5170
Facebook: rhemamen
Twitter: @BandofBrothers
YouTube: Rhema Men

Wayne Duval
Head of Men's Ministry

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