Resource/Referral Centre

The Counselling department serves as a vital part of the Supportive Pastoral care services to both members and non-members of Rhema Bible Church. The department serves as a referral source in helping our members find the solution to their problems whether they be Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, Relational and/or Social. There are experienced Pastoral Care counsellors who are equipped to assess, counsel and/or refer to appropriate Mental health Professionals (i.e. Psychologists & Psychiatrists), Mental health Institutions, Family law experts, Social welfare, Mediation, Maintenance etc. 


Specialised Counselling

The Counselling department also offers specialised counselling to both members and Non-member of the Church for free. If you need Godly counselling in the following areas, you can contact us for an appointment:

    - Relationships / Marriage counselling

    - Trauma Debriefing

    - Anger management

    - Conflict Resoultion

    - Unresolved emotional issues

    - Counsel on ones personal challenges e.g

    - Drug Addiction

    - Restoration 

    - HIV counselling & support

    - Renewing one's mind Godliness

    - Challenged to change (old self-destructive ways)

    - Developing a healthy Self worth and Esteem



The Counselling Department is also linked with The School of Counselling in the Rhema Training centre. This School trains all Christians in lay Counselling skills. 


Call Centre

The Call centre is another important function carried out by the Counselling department. The Sunday Telephone counselling ministry responds to calls from the Rhema TV broadcast and thus helps these callers in praying for them as well as leading them to the Lord. Here Telephone counsellors get an opportunity to share God with others from any province in South Africa. Rhema Ministries covers the costs for every incoming call. 


Contact details:


Phone: 011 796 4269



Phone: 011 796 4004

Call Centre: 

(Sundays from 07:00am - 12:00pm)

Phone (Toll free): 0800 79 79 79